Go Beyond the Sephirot

This course includes the major material from all of Miriam BatAsherah Green's core kabbalah classes, including: the four worlds, the triple soul, the dual nature of the soul (aka the infamous Muppets & Kabbalah class!), working with the alphabet, the tree of life, and specific tools (such as ways to use kabbalah to deepen a tarot practice). The goal of these classes is to go well beyond working with the tree of life as an object and toward understanding kabbalah as a living practice.

Take the time to embrace a deepening practice

Since 2009, I've offered this course every few years as one 7.2 hour live class. That format has been enriching, but also exhausting. By giving us more time to fully stretch into the material, with ongoing exercises and homework, I hope this course can help you truly build a kabbalistic magickal framework.

Our six-week course will go live July 1 - August 31, 2024 and will include pre-recorded video lessons, written lessons, and four live sessions of 90 minutes each (pre-recorded if you cannot attend live)

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