What does it mean to unfurl yourself?

In a world bordered on one side by culture wars and internalized shame and on the other by rainbow capitalism and community expectations, what does it mean to plot a course for ourselves as queer folks?

Have you ever felt . . .

Too kinky? Not kinky enough?

Too slutty? Not slutty enough?

Too loud? Not loud enough?

Or maybe even:

Not queer enough?

Not trans enough?

What the heck does "enough" mean, anyway?

Hey, queer. I see you.

Let's make room for you, in all your parts.

You: I don't see myself in the common representations of queer people; they don't fit my identity.

We can help! Engage in our live group and 1:1 coaching sessions focused on celebrating the full spectrum of queer identities during a month dedicated to pride. You'll find a space where you can resonate with diverse experiences and expressions, helping you embrace and articulate your unique identity more confidently.

You: I feel too kinky compared to others in the LGBTQ+ community and it's isolating.

We can help! Through our inclusive coaching and personalized self-exploration exercises, we'll navigate the depths of your desires in a safe space. You'll come to celebrate your kinkiness as a natural part of your sexual identity, leading to a sense of belonging and self-acceptance.

You: I feel like my lack of interest in kink makes me an outsider in queer circles.

We can help! Our program offers journaling and empowerment exercises tailored to honor your comfort with sexuality, emphasizing that all levels of desire are valid. You'll cultivate self-compassion and find empowerment in your unique sexual preferences, feeling more aligned with your queer community.

You: Society's labels make me feel too slutty, and it's affecting my self-esteem.

We can help! We provide a stigma-free environment with group discussions and affirming coaching that dismantles shame and celebrates consensual pleasure. Armed with a renewed sense of self-worth, you'll redefine sexuality on your terms, devoid of external judgment.

You: I struggle with the fear of not being sexually liberated enough as an LGBTQ+ person.

We can help! Join month-long sessions of introspective journal prompts and open dialogues that validate every level of sexual expression, including asexuality and aromantic identities. You'll emerge with the confidence to reject unrealistic standards of liberation and the freedom to define your sexuality as you see fit.

How we'll engage

We'll have six full weeks of coursework available to do at your own pace, loaded to our WickedGroundsAnnex.com platform at the start of each week. This will include journal prompts, lessons, suggested reading, and other self-directed activities to explore and honor your personal queer identities.

Every Monday evening from June 3rd - July 8th, we'll have a live 90-minute Zoom session starting at 6 pm Pacific/ 9 pm Eastern for a structured conversation about topics surrounding shame, identity, and coming into pride.

Can't attend live? These sessions will be recorded.

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