A white woman with long red hair and glasses, takes a Latino man with a light facial hair and a dark suit by the chin as he sits on a black leather couch.

Are you ready to take charge of your curriculum?

Since 2019, Wicked Grounds Annex has provided resources for our instructors and would-be instructors to develop stronger, more impactful, more engaging classes -- along with strategies to find, engage, and build communities with the best students for their content.

Join us for the first BDSM class incubator since 2021, now in a new and significantly improved format. This course will improve classes and marketing for experienced and new instructors alike.

Our approach

In this class, you'll learn what you need to get a basic start teaching in kink, polyamory, fetish, magick -- or any other peer-taught subject. Of course, we'd be delighted if you plan to teach with Wicked Grounds, but our goal is to create great teachers who can teach anywhere.

Over three weeks, you will learn to:

Refine and sharpen your core message

Figure out what you really want to say -- what only you can

Differentiate your class based on your experience and knowledge

Market your class in ways that really work

Include your students, and learn as you teach

Give a class that makes a difference

Engage your audience and build your fans

How we'll engage

Starting on Sunday, Dec 3, we will engage in three major sections of work as as you refine your concept, discover your audience, and take your class from concept to outline.

You'll use the same approach that Miriam Green -- a retired marketing consultant -- uses to develop, market, and continually improve their own classes.

This course will include three weeks of self-directed coursework (which you may complete at your own schedule and repeat as many times as you need) along with two 60 minute live sessions on Tuesday, Dec 12 and Tuesday, Dec 19.

Students with joining without a prior description and outline should plan to attend an additional 60 minute live session on Tuesday, Dec 5.

All live sessions will be recorded for those who cannot attend live or wish to review the session. You may also book additional consulting time with Mir as an add on, which may be completed during or any time after the class period.

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About Miriam Green

Miriam Green has been a BDSM and kink educator since 2014, when they acquired Wicked Grounds. Mir teaches 4-5 classes per month on average for Wicked Grounds and has also taught repeat engagements for Society of Janus, Dark Odyssey Events, Foundations, Arizona Power Exchange (APEX), Desert Dominion, and several other organizations and events.

Before joining the BDSM world, Mir was a marketing, brand and product development research consultant for several Fortune 500 companies under their day-to-day name, and they leverage their niche marketing & product development knowledge in their own marketing and this class.

A picture of Miriam Green sitting in front of a Leather Pride flag in an overstuffed red velvet chair at the old Wicked Grounds.